About ISI


International Scientific Information Inc. was founded in 2002.  The Founders, Drs. Mark R. Graczynski and George B. Stefano, emerged from the biomedical community with a vision of creating a scientific and medical publishing enterprise, bringing together medicine and basic research disciplines under one roof.  This concept has proven very successful.  The business model incorporated the idea that this could be accomplished without generating debt.  The Company today employs numerous people, taking advantage of a wide array of expertise.  It started with one flagship journal Medical Science Monitor and now promotes 9.  Our model has proven itself as the business continues to develop and grow.  In summary, it has been and continues to be an exciting adventure, serving the publishing needs of our colleagues.


Mark R. Graczynski, MD, PhD President & C.E.O. Mark R. Graczynski, MD, PhD President & C.E.O.

Dr. Graczynski graduated from the Warsaw Medical University in Warsaw, Poland. From 1987 to 1997 he served as a member of the Dept. Anesthesiology at Warsaw Medical University and also assumed teaching duties.  In 1997-1999 he served in the capacity of  Advisor in the Political Cabinet of the Minister of Health, Poland. His scientific interest focused on alternative ways of applying morphine and substances with potential analgesic like effects, e.g., clonidine, for post-operative pain relief. In 1994 he was granted  a Ph.D.  His thesis was on"Current Status of Acute Postoperative Pain Treatment in Poland".  During this time he published 11 articles in peer-reviewed journals and gave 12 presentations/ lectures at international scientific meetings.   In 2002, realizing his publishing venture had global potential, he Co-founded a publishing company in New York, USA.   From this startup  the business, International Scientific Information (ISI), has over 65,000 electronic subscribers and publishes 10 international journals. Currently Dr Graczynski serves as the President and C.E.O. of the ISI Inc. Additionally, Dr Graczynski designed and implemented an integrated solution for management of medical data collection and analysis, management of publishing technology for  small-to-medium publishing endeavors.  He is a member of the World Association of Medical Editors, European Association of Science Editors, the New York Academy of Sciences, American Association for Advancement of Science and the American Evaluation Association.   

George B. Stefano PhD., D.H.C. Vice President, Science George B. Stefano PhD., D.H.C. Vice President, Science

Dr. Stefano was a Distinguished Professor of SUNY and CASE Professor of New York State.  He served as Vice Chair of the Research Foundation of SUNY Board of Directors, as well as a Vice Chair of its Executive Committee and Chair of its Research Committee.  He is the Editor of Medical Science Monitor (MSM), and Deputy Editor of MSM Basic Research and Neuroendocrinology Letters as well as several other international journals and has published over 440 peer reviewed reports.  He has organized 9 international and national meetings, including student oriented events. He has had funding from  NIMH, NIDA and NIH Fogarty International Center, dealing with both research and student training. He served as Director of Basic Research of the Mind Body Medical Institute of the Deaconess Medical Center of Harvard Medical School.  He is C0-Director of a Cognitive Molecular Neuroscience Center at Charles University in Prague.  He is the holder of various patents, which have been licensed, concerning evolutionarily conserved chemical messengers, processes and their biomedical impact for health.

Robin S. Switzer, Vice President, Linguistics Robin S. Switzer, Vice President, Linguistics

Robin William Switzer is Vice President for Linguistics at International Scientific Information, Inc., as well as being the owner of ESL Medical Editing, specializing in copyediting of medical manuscripts by authors writing in English as a foreign language. After earning a graduate degree in public health from the Johns Hopkins University and doing field research on the epidemiology of trachoma in Mexico, Robin worked as HIV/AIDS Services Coordinator for a city health department and for the Medical College of Wisconsin. Robin also worked as a Program Consultant for the Injury Prevention Branch of the North Carolina Department of Public Health.He began his copyediting career while teaching English at the Faculty ofMedicine, Prince of Songkla University, Thailand, helping medical faculty prepare research manuscripts for publication. Robin is a member of theScientific Advisory Board of the Mind-Body Medicine Institute of Germany and has ELS certification from the Board of Editors in the Life Sciences

Piotr Krzyzaniak, M.S.,       Head, IT Department Piotr Krzyzaniak, M.S., Head, IT Department

Between 1997-2009 he served as the Head of IT Department of the Main Library of the Medical University of Poznan. At this time he directed the development of the digital bibliographical repository at the University of Poznan.In 1999 he joined the programmers team for the development of the Journals Management System for Medical Science International, Ltd, Warsaw, Poland.  In 2005  joined International Scientific Information, Inc., as a partner and Director of the IT Department. Peter is heavily involved with creating novel solutions for both journal adminsitration, report review  and bioinformatics.